• Move Your Piano Safely

    Calgary Piano movers professional moving services offer you piece of mind by ensuring your piano arrives safely at your new home.

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    Store Your Piano

    Calgary Piano movers offers long and short term storage in a secure, monitored and heat & climate controlled facility.

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    Piano Tuning

    Calgary Piano Movers has a range of professional and affordable services including piano tuning services .

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    Other Services

    Calgary Piano Movers moving team understands how to move your fragile and heavy equipment such as lab equipment and gun safes. Please check our page for more details.

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  • Move your piano anywhere in Calgary from $199.00 (Main floor to Main floor).

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  • Our professional piano movers offer you piece of mind by ensuring your piano arrives safely at your new home.

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  • Calgary Piano movers offers piano tuning and long and short term storage in a secure, monitored and heat & climate controlled facility. 

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  • Other Services

    Calgary Piano Movers understands moving fragile and heavy items such as gun safes and lab equipment . Check for more details.

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  • Calgary Piano Movers

    Our professional and experience piano movers will safely move your piano no matter the size or weight.  We vow to provide you with the highest quality of service for all your needs. In order to serve you promptly and keep our prices as low as possible, we often move more than one piano at a time.

    Calgary Piano Movers has over 24 year experience and has a trusted team of professionals who will safely move your piano from any space to any place. We have moved all types of pianos including uprights, baby grands, grands and concert grands. We also move all brands of pianos including Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Kawai and many more.  

    We understand the value and delicacy of each instrument and we will guarantee the proper care of your piano from  the point of pick up through delivery. Our team will make your move effortless and worry free. 

    Our piano movers will move your piano locally, within the Calgary area, or across the country as well as internationally.

    Calgary Piano Movers will be there for you every step of the way!

  • We've now expanded our business and our new location is in West Vancouver.

  • Known as Calgary Piano Movers. our main headquarters, is located close to downtown Calgary.

  • Childproofing Your Piano

    Of course you want your children to be able to use and enjoy your piano, but they need to understand how to take good care of it. Teach your children to always follow these rules around the piano: No food or drink [...]

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