• What to Avoid when hiring a piano mover

    27 Aug 2018 | Blog
  • So, you don’t want to trust your “baby” to just anyone. And, determining what to look for in a professional piano mover can be a difficult process. There are many myths and misunderstandings about professional piano mover's out there and it’s important to get the facts straight. When it comes to moving your piano, Calgary Piano Movers is the trusted name in the industry and we understand how important it is to have quality piano moving services you can trust. We are Calgary's number one piano movers and we're ready and willing to help you move your piano safely and efficiently. For over 24 years, Calgary Piano Movers has helped people relocate their precious pianos. And, over the years we have heard many falsehoods when it comes to piano moving. So, take read a few of the falsehoods below and let us know if you’ve heard a few more of your own.

  • 1.Use the first piano mover you can find.

    It is essential to do your research prior to hiring your professional piano mover. How are their online reviews? How long has the business been established? Are they licensed and insured? Do they just do piano’s or are they mostly furniture movers? Not all piano moving companies are created equal so it is important to find the right one for you and to find one who can get the job done right the first time.

  • 2. Any mover can move a piano

    False! A moving company that’s more familiar with moving packed boxes does not necessarily have the knowledge and experience necessary to move large, more fragile items like a piano. Not only is skill required to move a piano safely, but special equipment is required to move one as well. The experts at Calgary Piano Movers have all the right tools and expertise to move your piano expertly and safely.

  • 2. Piano moving requires little preparation.

    When planning a move, the piano moving is often left as the last step in the process. After all, it’s just one item, right? In reality, moving a piano requires find the right piano mover, setting an appointment and making necessary arrangements.  Your piano mover should also be planning out their route and finding out what obstacles such as steps, corners and tight spaces.  Areas where they need to protect the wall and floors to ensure the house and your piano stay safe during the move.

  • 4. The new location must be ready for the piano immediately.

    In addition to piano moving, we also offer piano storage in our climate-controlled building. If you need to temporarily store your piano until your new home is ready for it, Calgary Piano Movers can help.

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    If you have a piano that needs to be moved, count on the professionals. For more information about our piano movers in Calgary, give Calgary Piano Movers a call at 403-805-3427 or fill out our form for a free quote.

    Please provide us with as much detail as possible so we can be accurate and fully prepared as possible to provide the safest and best quality move. The most important detail is Exact, Height for an Upright, Exact Length for a Grand.


    We have a Kawai grand piano which needs to be moved to a new location in the same room. Distance is about 15 feet. The flooring is hardwood. The piano is sitting on coasters to protect the flooring. Could we move it this week? Before Thursday? Thank you Klementina


    Earlier I didn’t realize that pianos were so heavy! But now I know Piano moving is an art. It makes sense why my mother would prefer to have a professional handle moving her piano instead of letting me do it.


    Thanks for sharing this topic. Yes, we need to be extra careful in this matter (Piano moving). It's better to contact with the professional moving company, who can do it with the proper way.