• Shipping your Piano Long Distance

    28 May 2017 | Blog
  • If you're in the midst of totaling up moving costs, you may be wondering--how much does it actually cost to move a piano, long distance?

    The answer is different for every unique situation, however, there are a few consistent factors that can affect the total cost of of moving your piano. 

    Piano shape

    Is your piano an upright or grand shape? The Grand Piano is obviously a larger piano than an upright but cost variations can also come down to the difficulty of handling the different style pianos.

    Piano size

    The size of your piano will also affect your total cost - bigger models will take more resources and more manpower to move. There can be lots of variation even within the same type of piano--for example, the difference between a baby grand and concert grand is several hundred pounds!


    You're moving long distance--but how far away? Due to the added time and fuel it takes to travel across country (versus, say, across the province), it will also effect your overall costs.

    Of course, a long distance move alone doesn't mean extremely high costs. Like we mentioned, size, shape, and other factors matter, too--so the cost of transporting your baby grand or upright won't be as high as that of your friend, who may have moved a true concert grand, even though they involved the same distance traveled.

    Stairs, Turns and other obstacles

    The presence of stairs and turns as well as other obstacles such as narrow hallways or long driveways, will be an added cost factor since these features require a bit more finesse and time.

    Unique features

    If you live in a remote locations or the movers have to to lift a piano up onto a balcony to move in or out of your home will require added equipment and manpower. In some cases, tractor trailer access can affect the cost, too. Many long-distance carriers use tractor trailers to transport your piano, and areas that are not accessible could incur additional shuttle fees.

    Time requirements

    Planning your piano move well in advance, and providing a wider window of possible move times (versus a rushed, small window of opportunity) may help you save a bit of money since some companies will charge you extra if you need your piano moved right away.

    Commitment to care

    A lot times the biggest cost discrepancies arise between moving companies themselves. Although a company may offer lower prices they may not be able to move your piano out of a difficult area and they'll probably treat your piano like another piece of furniture which could lead to damage to the piano and your home. At Calgary Piano Movers we're experts at moving pianos and other difficult and heavy items such as gun safes so we can assure you that your piano and home will remain safe when we move it.  We know that a piano is simultaneously an instrument and a decorative piece, one that needs special care at every step of the way.

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    These factors form a large part of the ultimate cost for moving your instrument, to get a better idea give us a call at (403) 805-3427 or fill in our rate quote form and we'll get back to you right away with your quote? 

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    Hi, I'm looking for a ballpark figure to ship an upright piano from Calgary to Guelph main floor to main floor. Can you give me a cost range? I don't know what specific make it is, yet. My in-laws have it at the moment, and I'll need to take a ballpark number to them at the start of the conversation. Trying to keep this hush for a gift while I figure it out. Thanks!