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    13 Jul 2016 | Blog
  • Many families use a moving company because it makes it easier to move. Often, this is required because heavy items need to be moved. These items might include a piano, heavy entertainment unit, a gun safe or other items which are difficult to move. Professionals have the tools required to move these heavy items safety from on location to another.

    Some items require specific equipment to help the movers get the items out of the house safety so there’s no damage to the structure and to ensure the workers aren’t injured moving heavy items. Movers often use the following tools:

    • Straps
    • Ramps
    • Straps
    • Dollies
    • Skids

    Here’s why you need leave the heavy items to the professionals when you’re moving.

    Risky to Move Heavy Items

    Many heavy items have a lot of value to you and if the item is damaged, then you’re out that money. An old piano for example, has a lot of value, but can easily be damaged while moving it. A qualified moving company can move this sort of item from one location to another safely. If you have insurance for the item, you can still get the money back, but there’s hassle and paperwork. Hiring a professional moving company is the best way to get a heavy item to it’s new location.

    Protection for the Home

    If you’re selling the home and moving items, you can’t afford scratches, dents, or other damage. A professional moving company will move heavy items without causing damage to your home. The flooring for example, will be protected from damage when moving a heavy item like a piano. Movers understand what it takes to get an item out of the home and will take concrete steps to ensure the property is properly protected as the heavy items are moved out of the home.


    Moving heavy items can lead to logistical problems. For example, you may have a narrow hallway, flight of stairs, tight corners, difficult doorway, and so on. A professional company understands these issues and can move the heavy item in the best way to get the item out of the home safely.

    Personal Safety

    If you move a heavy item on your own, you may injure yourself. Moving a heavy item is hard on your back. A professional moving company moves these sorts of items all the time and the workers are trained to move items in a safe way.  You could face a serious back problem if you try and move an item simply because you’re not moving it in the right way.

    Something Could Go Wrong

    If you move an item with friends for example, and an item gets damaged then a friendship might be put at risk. If you do the work on your own, you may damage the home even if you thought of everything before moving. You’ll eliminate problems if you hire a proper moving company to move heavy items out of your home.

    Hiring a professional moving company to move heavy items just makes sense. They have the personnel, training, and tools to ensure that your heavy piano, gun safe, or other heavy item reaches its new location in one piece.

    Calgary Piano Movers

    We provide specialty moving services to cater to clients with unique circumstances. For instance, our moving team specializes in moving heavy and large pieces of furniture or equipment that other movers may have issues with.

    We'll transport items such as cast iron tubs, gun safes, pool tables, medical and handicapped equipment to residential homes and commercial businesses. 

    With our specialty moving services, we move what other companies in Calgary are afraid of moving. If you’re in need of specialty services, give one of our representatives a call, and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have. 


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