• Childproofing Your Piano

    October 1, 2018
  • Of course you want your children to be able to use and enjoy your piano, but they need to understand how to take good care of it. Teach your children to always follow these rules around the piano:

    • No food or drink around the piano. Liquid and spills can damage a piano’s finish, so don’t ever set a cup on or near the piano. Crumbs in the keys can interfere with the action, and any liquid inside the piano could damage strings or soundboard.
    • Only fingers on the keys. Small objects like coins can get jammed inside, hard objects can scratch the surface. If you use toys for practice games, make sure they are plush or plastic, and parents should always supervise.

    • Avoid playing around the piano. Toys, games, and activities like coloring or other art projects should happen in another area of the house. Playing the piano is always a great idea!

    • The Piano bench is only for sitting at the piano. it should never be used as a drawing desk or a jumping platform.