• Some Big Christmas Gift Ideas

  • It’s here. It’s that time of the year where we’re coming into the final shopping days before the holidays. It’s time to find the perfect gift, wrap it up and hide it under the tree 

    For some, their wishes and dreams may fit in a small box that fits easily between the other gifts. But for others, their gift is a little larger in size.  Here's a few big Christmas gift ideas that will have your loved ones jumping for joy on Christmas day.

  • What if you surprised your loved one with the piano they have long since dreamed about?

    Creating music is a gift that keeps on giving. If you buy the right piano, it’s a gift that can keep on giving for years.

    But how do you know what piano to buy? Yes, there’s an art to buying a piano as a gift. Here’s how to do it right.

    Who is the gift for?

    Who is the gift for and how many will be influenced by this decision? Buying a piano for a spouse or your child is different than if you are buying it for a grandchild or a nephew. Start by assessing what piano is best for all involved, even asking parents for advice if it will take up space in their home.

    If you choose an acoustic piano, it will provide elegance, sophistication and beauty to the home. If you choose digital, you can expand on a love of electronics, and allow the budding musician to express herself in an entirely new way. Acoustic pianos will take up more space, whether you choose a vertical or grand piano. Digital pianos may be stored when not in use. Both can be excellent ways to start the process and learn piano once and for all. Both offer unique ways to approaching the love and joy of bringing a piano into their lives.

    Dealer or Private?

    There are many ways to buy a piano. You can choose one from a private party that you can find on Kijjiji. You can find one at your local big box store. Or you can select one from a reputable dealer. There's a lot of great deals out there right now due to the down turn in the economy but how do you know what's a quality piano and where the best place to buy from.

    Choosing one from a private party means you take whatever is given, with no options and no return. While choosing a piano from a big box store may give the receiver the option of making a return or an exchange, it only offers a very select choice. If you select from a reputable dealer, you have two distinct advantages. First, you can spend your time learning about the various options you have. You can test pianos, find the best sound for you, and choose based on ability and desires. Second, if the recipient would like to make an exchange, the option is always open. They can come in and make a selection that is better suited for their needs.

    However, if you would like to go with a private seller you'll probably save yourself a bit of money but how do you ensure you buy a quality piano rather than an old clunker.  Safest thing to do is bring a piano technician with you or someone who knows a lot about pianos.  If you don't that option you can read our up coming blog post on what to look for when buying a used piano.

  • Buying a Gun Safe as a Gift

    Do you have a big gun enthusiast in your life and a nice Christmas present, a gun safe might make the perfect Christmas gift but there's a few things to consider before you run out and purchase one. 

    Gun safes make terrific Christmas gifts provided that the unit selected is appropriate for the recipient’s needs. That could potentially be a problem since the well-intended purchaser often does not appreciate the differences in quality, and they may not know everything the user will store in the safe. The buyer is usually a girl friend or wife who is buying an expensive gift for her man. Understandably, she is focused on price because even a cheap gun safe is a big purchase.

    Big box stores take full advantage of this situation with Black Friday sales and Christmas sales. They sell thousands of cheap Chinese units which, to the person who doesn’t do proper research, appear to be suitable. The result can be that the gun owner ends up with a safe he would not buy for himself. It might not offer the protection he knows he should have. While truly appreciating the thought behind his present, he may have unspoken doubts about using it. It’s a difficult gift to return. We have all been there with one gift or another.

    So here are our suggestions:

    • Don’t buy a gun safe as a surprise. Talk about it in advance. Get his input about brand, size, and value of what he will use it for.
    • Be wary of Black Friday and Christmas sales.
    • Don’t buy only, or primarily, based on price.
    • Don’t buy a Chinese product.
    • Both parties should learn the basics about gun safes, the differences in brands and models. A good place to start is by reading some of our earlier blogs on buying gun safes
    • Buy from a legitimate safe store, not a gun store or big box. Your research time will be well spent talking directly with safe experts who actually service different brands.
    • If cost of a good unit is too high, then agree that this gift will be for Christmas and his birthday, or this Christmas and next, or have him pitch in on the cost, or get his family to contribute.

    Honestly, a quality gun safe is a gift he will actually use and remember for years, even if he has to help with the cost. But the memory will be less positive if it is one of those gifts that he would secretly prefer to return for something better.

  • So How do you keep these gifts a surprise and wrap them up?

    We're so glad you asked!! Calgary Piano Movers is offering a Christmas Eve Special this year.  Buy a piano or a gun safe and we will move it for you on Christmas Eve. If you buy a piano we'll include a red piano cover to help you wrap your special gift.  Give us a call at (403) 805-3427 to find out more details and make arrangements and then imagine your loved one’s face when they unwrap their gift to find your present nestled safely underneath.