• Gun Safe Movers

  • One underlying theme with gun safes is that they are very heavy and difficult to move. This is obviously a good thing once in place but getting the safe to its final spot can be a challenging process. Transporting them often require the assistance of multiple people if you don’t have the proper tools and equipment required to move it.

    Calgary Piano Movers is now offering our services as gun safe movers as well as pianos. Moving a gun safe can be a challenge because of weight; however, with our equipment and years of experience with moving heavy and valuable items, our team can offer you an affordable and easy solution.  Our tried and true team is bonded, licensed and insured so you can be sure that your job will be done properly and be confidential. 

    When moving your gun safe our company will protect your property with the utmost care, including, but not limited to, laying Masonite on your floors to protect them, padding the safe to protect walls, and of course, our special equipment allows us to navigate stairs and landing areas with precision.

    Our target is to be one of the best local piano and gun safe movers in and around Calgary. We work tirelessly to maintain our reputation with an unwavering dedication to safety, service, and integrity. We provide quality service at competitive prices. Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. Our movers are highly trained to provide you with an efficient and professional move. 

    To move your gun safe we charge $285.00 for safes up to 600lbs, $385.00 for safes up to 900lbs and $685.00 for gun safes up to 1300lbs.

    On the day of the move, we will provide a 4-hour window. If you have other obligations that day, you can provide a contact number and the driver will contact you 1 hour before he arrives.

    We strive to meet our deadlines with your time sensitive schedule in mind, however, weather and other circumstances beyond our control can prevent us from meeting these goals. Our team will always keep you informed as to their arrival status if it deviates at all from the original set date and time.

    To schedule an appointment to have your guns safe moved please fill in the form below to request a booking.

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