• How to Care for Your Gun Safe

    28 Sep 2017 | Blog
  • A home safe is an investment that can last a lifetime. A quality made safe can provide many decades of security for your personal valuables. A gun safe has a very high resistance against most potential hazards. However, there is still some maintenance that can help the safe to last longer and to better protect the valuables inside. When it is properly taken care of, safes can last a lifetime and even add value to your investment. Regular and proper maintenance is a big part of that process so you should take steps to regularly maintain it, inside and out. This involves maintaining the functionality of the operating mechanisms, cleaning the interior and exterior of the safe, and having any problems with the locking mechanisms fixed to ensure that the safe continues to function as designed.

    Since the gunsafe contains guns, extra care should be taken to ensure the safety of everybody around it. The safety hazards associated with gunsafes and guns are aplenty including:

    • Children becoming pressed against the door or locked inside the gunsafe
    • Adults and children being hit by bullets set off by accidental firing of the guns
    • Adults and children being crushed underneath the weight of the gunsafe

    Cleaning your gunsafe must then be a careful process. You can do so in an easy, effective and safe manner by keeping these tips in mind.


    Depending on the safe’s location, there may be more exposure to dust and dirt. When the dust settles and becomes hard after a while it is more difficult to clean. However, cleaning once a month can help preserve the finish. This involves removing all dust and dirt that has settled onto the exterior of the safe and along edges, cracks, handles, and locks. Be sure to clean with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, as anything more aggressive can scratch or cloud the finish. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to clean the exterior–particularly if the safe has a gloss, textured, or powdered coat finish. You want to avoid scratching the finish with an abrasive material. Consider dampening the cloth and wiping the exterior clean of dirt and dust. Use something neutral, like water and soap, to clean the metal parts of the safe such as the handle, locking bolts, and hinges. The metal cleaner may seem like a better option, these components typically contain a coating that will prevent tarnishing and can be damaged from exposure to solvents or metal polishes and it will eat away the non-tarnish coating on these parts of the safe. 


    To ensure that the locking bolts function effectively, you should apply a small amount of grease to the front side and bottom of the bolts about once a year to prevent them from sticking and jamming. This is a minor maintenance and something that can be done at your discretion. Examine the locking bolts from time to time to assess whether they need a touch of oil to open and close smoothly. Also, make sure the fire seal should is in good condition as well.


    The lock is one of the most important parts of the safe. Without a reliable lock, the safe is just a large, heavy, unsecured box. It’s a good idea to have the lock inspected and serviced, if necessary, by a certified locksmith once a year. This may not be necessary, but you should always make sure the lock is in top condition. Most quality safes come with a warranty, so understand what is covered under the warranty and ensure that the safe’s lock and other security features are in condition to perform reliably and protect your valuables.

    Taking care of your gun safe will assure that both it and your valuables stored inside it will stand the test of time.

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